Business 2.0: Next 1000 Years

Max More (
Wed, 08 Dec 1999 10:15:39 -0800

The December issue of Business 2.0 has a cover feature regarding the next 1000 years. Of course they haven't a clue what things will be like in 1000 years, and I don't especially recommend buying the issue; just have a quick browse and note Ray Kurzweil's extropic contribution.

The best part (and this might only be subscribers--I haven't checked the newsstands) is an accompanying booklet called "Brainticklers II: Beyond Y2K--Questions for New Millennium and the Year 3000." The year 3000 seems ridiculously distant for the ideas involved but there are plenty of questions that stir up transhumanist reflections in the reader. This booklet looks like it was inspired (to put it in charitable terms) but Gregory Stock's Book of Questions.