Re: Afterlife?

Anders Sandberg (
08 Dec 1999 15:18:00 +0100

Skye Howard <> writes:

> Yes, but which ones who were recreated would be copied
> from their recreated realities for this afterlife?
> Which ones would be left undisturbed, to plod their
> course towards a simulated mortality? Certainly, all
> of them *could* be uploaded, but there's no
> definiteness to it.

That would depend on the values of who/what did the simulation, soemthing we cannot predict or estimate well. Given the ability to recreate history and relative simplicity of just running an upload, it seems that it would be very cheap for the simulator to upload everybody, so if there are any limitations on who gets uploaded, it is purely due to the preferences of the simulator.

Then there is a question of when to make the upload snapshot. Maybe it would be better to make snapshots at several ages, so that you could get both the brilliant young genius, the mature scientist, the wise old man and the Alzheimer patient (with everything in between) without having to make an arbitrary choice for one of them.

"Hi! You must be my 56-year copy! I'm version 59."

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