Re: Telomerase and cancer

Robert J. Bradbury (
Wed, 8 Dec 1999 05:33:10 -0800 (PST)

On Tue, 7 Dec 1999, Gina Miller wrote:

> Thank you for this information. Geron is a keeper, I checked and it's been
> fluctuating from 14 to 20 dollars per share today. With 14 and three eighths
> as the most recent. I hadn't looked today before this post, I appreciate the
> info John. Nanogirl

I probably shouldn't be saying anything regarding investments because my comments might come back to haunt me, but...

If you look at Geron long term, it has a history of ups and downs (as do many biotech companies that have very long lead times for productization). That is a recipe for sell on the good news and buy-and-hold on no news.

If you have an IRA, Geron is probably a good bet to buy on market (or biotech) pullbacks, hold it and forget about it. If you want to play it, you want to be very careful about their cash reserves and their ability to raise additional capital. Geron has done much better than I would have expected (given the rest of the biotech industry) in this regard. You also have to watch their drug development timeline. They may be years away from products and this is a prescription for bored investors. Finally there is always the potential that if they get really close to something big pharma might snap them up.

Its a swamp.