Fun with Anagrams (was: Mass Drugging)

Geoff Smith (
Wed, 08 Dec 1999 06:39:05 +0000

Joseph Sterlynne wrote:
> > Harvey Newstrom
> >I don't understand why this list is full of "hypotheses" that are propagated
> >without the most basic fact checking. Why not just look up the composition
> >of Ritalin to see if its identity is identical to amphetamine?
> You want unexamined hypotheses. Once, long ago, on
> someone relayed a speculation that certain procedural tricks were played
> with the name of the character known as "Windom Earle". The poster said
> that he had heard that some string of letters (which he quoted) was an
> anagram of this name. The question he so desperately asked: could someone
> please tell him whether or not the anagram rumor is true?

Was it:

wormed alien?
lowered main?
lower median?
meadow liner?
onward emile?
modal weiner?
nailed mower?
dialer women?
wilma doreen?
waldo ermine?

ok, off-topic, I'll stop. ;-)