those nefarious Canadians!

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Tue, 07 Dec 1999 15:25:03 PST

Ed Reifman, extropian dentist wrote:
ExtroCanucks -

I would like to point out that Canadians are everywhere... There are over 1 million transplanted Canadians in S. California alone! In fact, (the last time I looked), my wife Rochelle was a transplant from Winnipeg, Manitoba. She married me, another typical, sun-beaten Los Angelino, CA native. So, do not be deceived. Even though Canadians look the same as us, the giveaway is when they say 'about', it sounds like 'a-buut'.

So, listen well!

(end of reproduction)

Canadian infiltrators are everywhere!! These are obviously frightening times as they cross the border to steal all our jobs and marry our citizens to spread those Canuck genes! We all need to be alert for the tell-tell signs that the "American" next to you is actually... one of them! :)
Look at this website to uncover the truth of Canadian treachery!

Well, I had a roommate who was a Canadian from Calgary. Often other Canadians would come and visit us and I found them all to be very good people. Ardent hockey fans, funloving yet still very courteous and seemingly better educated then most just out of highschool guys from here in the states. I did have to put up with repeated viewings of "Strange Brew," denunications of the French-Canadians and lectures on the contributions to world peace by the Canuck military but aside from that they were nice to have around. I suppose I am a Canuck sympathiser at heart.


John Grigg

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