Re: Aging and life expectancy [was Re: leukemia history?]
Tue, 07 Dec 1999 13:19:58 -0500

Robert Bradbury writes:
>Just as a heads up, though I've never read it myself, my >understanding is that the "Mission Statement" of the NIA (as >determined by Congress) roughly translates to "study aging" not >"solve aging".

NIA's mission, in part, is to determine which areas of scientific and medical research will yield the most benefits for antiaging research and therapies.

As part of that, they will be formulating a five-year priority plan to determine where those research funds will go. In the description of the five-year priority plan, NIA states that they have already determined that Alzheimer's represents a priority. It could be that if someone could make a good case for telemorase research, HGH, or other areas that interest us, more funds might get channeled to that.

Kathryn Aegis