Re: First understanding of mortality
Tue, 7 Dec 1999 12:46:33 EST

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> My wife tells much the same story, that she can remember the feeling of

> learning that she would die, and how horrified and frightened she was
> when this understanding burst upon her.
> Is this a universal phenomenon? Does everyone experience this as a
> traumatic moment, after which you know that your days are numbered?
> Hal
No profound, eppiphanies for me, Hal. Although in my twenties I became aware of how much time passed and how weird it seeemed, and how it would be 'someday' when my parents would be 'gone'. I wonder what brain function best explain's your childhood experiences? As I lurk on the MWI list, I occasionally watch for comments regarding post-mortem survival-so far nothing beyond Tegmark's conjecture. I am interested in the re-caluclation of the human states of being by a vast super-computing intelligence; in the deep future. Even more compelling (for me), is reading some of Clifford Pickover's researchers, in his fantasy +science book, called "Time."