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This is completely true.. and not specific to the term "anarchy". Almost anyone who believes anything believes it because of the way they think it will make them appear. This is easy to demonstrate, simply uncover the
"principles" that supposedly govern an individuals belief about something,
then point out other beliefs which these principles should entail, but which this individual most likely does not believe. If the individual is a liberal, ask them why they believe in, say, civil rights - they will defend it with notions of liberty - point out how these principles should support economic liberty as well, if applied objectively - the person will be able to say nothing more then "but it's a completely different issue", without actually outlining these extenuating circumstances. If the individual is conservative, ask them about school prayer - you will get a rant about religious freedom. Then ask about whether they believe Rastafarians should be able to practice their religion.
I was talking with an animal rights activist a while ago, she was telling me about how it's wrong to kill any living thing and blah blah blah.. I asked how she felt about abortion, and she froze, then blew up at me.

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"Anarchy" is a cool sounding word. Like most human "principles", it is not
the issue itself that is important, but the social benefits associated with having the badge on your sweater.
This reminds me of one funny thing recently. I was walking one evening with the ol' ball & chain under a subway with walls covered in small square tiles. Written on one of the tiles in neat handwriting with a magic marker was the word "Anarchy". I laughed my ass off.