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[I've appended an edited list of topic headings from their search page, for your immediate amusement... and I wasn't able to find any hits under nuclear rocketry or nuclear weapons... odd :-)... what an amazing country we live in! -- Rohit]

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Subject: Mil Docs
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DoD offers some 100,000 of its military docs at:

Go to Quick Search and drop down the FSC/Area menu for dozens of categories from nukes to explosives to communications security to whatever death-tech pork allures.

Docs there we've been looking for a couple of years, though in huge multi-MB PDF files. We were pleased to find much TEMPEST info in docs there, some NSA refused to release under FOIA. None of the docs are classified.

There is buried in several of the docs a specification from NSA 65-6 on TEMPEST protection levels, charts, details on exactly how to do it, or do it back when the docs were prepared*.

Having spent many hours downloading, we might, only might, put together a CD on mil-grade TEMPEST protection. Now that there is far better ways to get around EMSEC through human persuasion.

Maybe the site will become restricted at some point (only a few of the docs require a pwd). For now it's a good source to build your digital library.

Red/Black Engineering-Installation Guidelines

Long Haul Communications (DCS), Power and Environmental Control for Physical Plant

Grounding, Bonding, and Shielding for Electronic Equipments and Facilities

Radio Frequency Shielded Encosures

Grounding, Bonding, and Shielding for Common Long Haul/Tactical Communications Systems

Attentuation Measurement for Enclosures, Electromagnetic Shielding, for Electronic Test Purposes, Method of

MIL-STD-461E (Replaces previous 461 and 462) Electromagnetic Interference Characteristics

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Guns, Through 30mm
Guns, Over 30mm Up To 75mm
Guns, 75mm Through 125mm
Guns, Over 125mm Through 150mm
Guns, Over 150mm Through 200mm
Guns, Over 200mm Through 300mm
Guns, Over 300mm

Chemical Weapons & Equipment
Launchers, Torpedo & Depth Charge
Launchers, Grenade, Rocket & Pyrotechnic Nets & Booms, Ordnance
Degaussing & Mine-Sweeping Equipment
Camouflage & Deception Equipment
Assys Intchg Bet Weapons In Two Or More
Miscellaneous Weapons
Nuclear Bombs
Nuclear Projectiles
Nuclear Warheads & Warhead Sections
Nuclear Depth Charges
Nuclear Demolition Charges
Nuclear Rockets
Conversion Kits, Nuclear Ordnance
Fuzing & Firing Devices, Nuclear Ordnanc Nuclear Components
Explosive & Pyrotechnic Components Nucle Specialized Test & Handling Equipment, N Miscellaneous Nuclear Ordnance
Nuclear Ordnance
Fire Control Directors
Fire Control Computing Sights & Devices
Fire Control Systems, Complete
Optical Sighting & Ranging Equipment
Fire Control Stabilizing Mechanisms
Fire Control Designating & Indicating Eq Fire Control Trsmtng/Rcvng Equipment, Ex Aircraft Gunnery Fire Control Components Aircraft Bombing Fire Control Components Fire Cntrl Radar Equipment, Except Airbo Fire Control Sonar Equipment
Miscellaneous Fire Control Equipment
Fire Control Equipment
Ammunition, Through 30mm
Ammunition, Over 30mm Up To 75mm
Ammunition, 75mm Through 125mm
Ammunition, Over 125mm

Guided Missile Warheads & Explosive Comp Gd Msl/Spc Veh Explo Prpln Units, Solid
Gd Msl/Spc Veh Inert Prpln Units, Solid
Rockets, Rocket Ammo & Rocket Cmpts
Land Mines
Underwater Mine Inert Components
Underwater Mine Explosive Components
Torpedo Inert Components
Torpedo Explosive Components
Depth Charge Inert Components
Depth Charge Explosive Components
Military Chemical Agents
Demolition Materials
Bulk Explosives
Cartridge/Propellant Actuated Devices &
Surface Explosive Ordnance Disposal Tool Undwtr Explosive Ordnance Disposal & Swm Fuzes & Primers
Miscellaneous Ammunition
Specialized Ammo Handling & Servicing Eq Ammunition & Explosives
Guided Missiles, Complete
Guided Missile Components
Guided Missile Systems, Complete
Guided Missile Subsystems
Guided Missile Remote Control Systems
Launchers, Guided Missile
Guided Missile Handling & Servicing Equi Guided Missiles
Aircraft, Fixed Wing
Aircraft, Rotary Wing
Airframe Structural Components
Aircraft And Airframe Structural Compone Aircraft Propellers
Helicopter Rotor Blades, Drive Mechanism Aircraft Landing Gear Components
Aircraft Wheel & Brake Systems
Aircraft Hydraulic, Vacuum & De-Icing Sy Aircraft Air Cond, Heating & Pressurizin Parchts;Aer Pk Up, Del Recysys;Cargo Ti
Miscellaneous Aircraft Accessories & Com Aircraft Components And Accessories
Aircraft Arresting, Barrier & Barricade
Aircraft Launching Equipment
Aircraft Ground Servicing Equipment
Airfield Specialized Trucks & Trailers
Aircraft Launching, Landing & Ground Han Space Vehicles, Complete
Space Vehicle Components
Space Vehicle Remote Control Systems
Space Vehicle Launchers
Space Vehicle Handling & Servicing Equip Space Survival Equipment
Space Vehicles
Combat Ships & Landing Vessels
Transport Vessels, Passenger & Troop
Cargo & Tanker Vessels
Fishing Vessels
Special Service Vessels
Barges & Lighters, Cargo
Barges & Lighters, Special Purpose
Small Craft
Pontoons & Floating Docks
Floating Drydocks
Miscellaneous Vessels
Ships, Small Craft, Pontoons And Floatin Ship & Boat Propulsion Components
Rigging & Rigging Gear
Deck Machinery
Marine Hardware & Hull Items
Commercial Fishing Equipment
Miscellaneous Ship & Marine Equipment
Ship And Marine Equipment
Rail Cars
Right-Of-Way Construction & Maint Equipm Locomotive & Rail Car Accessories & Comp Track Materials, Railroad
Railway Equipment
Ground Effect Vehicles
Passenger Motor Vehicles
Trucks & Truck Tractors, Wheeled
Motorcycles, Motor Scooters & Bicycles
Combat, Assault & Tactical Vehicles, Tra Motor Vehicles, Trailers And Cycles
Tractors, Full Track, Low Speed
Tractors, Wheeled
Tractors, Track Laying, High Speed

Vehicular Cab, Body & Frame Structural C Vehicular Power Transmission Components
Vehicular Brake, Steering, Axle Wheel &
Vehicular Furniture & Accessories
Miscellaneous Vehicular Components
Vehicular Equipment Components
Tires & Tubes, Pneumatic, Except Aircraf Tires & Tubes, Pneumatic, Aircraft
Tires, Solid & Cushion
Tire Rebuilding & Tire & Tube Repair Mat Tires & Tubes
Gas Reciprocating Engines Except Aircraf Gasoline Reciprocating Engs, Aircraft; & Diesel Engines & Components
Steam Engines, Reciprocating; & Componen Steam Turbines & Components
Water Turbines & Water Wheels & Componen Gas Turbines & Jet Engines, Except Aircr Gas Turbines & Jet Engines, Aircraft; &
Rocket Engines & Components
Gasoline Rotary Engines & Components
Miscellaneous Engines & Components
Engines, Turbines, & Components
Engine Fuel System Components; Nonaircra Engine Fuel System Components; Aircraft
Engine Electrical System Components, Non Engine Electrical System Components, Air Engine Cooling System Components, Nonair Engine Cooling System Components, Aircra Engine Air & Oil Filters, Strainers & Ce Engine Air & Oil Filters, Strainers & Ce Turbosuperchargers
Miscellaneous Engine Accessories, Nonair Miscellaneous Engine Accessories, Aircra Engine Accessories
Torque Converters & Speed Changers
Gears, Pulleys, Sprockets & Transmission Belting, Drive Belts, Fan Belts & Access Miscellaneous Power Transmission Equipme Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment
Bearings, Anti-Friction, Unmounted
Bearings, Plain, Unmounted
Bearings, Mounted

Sawmill & Planing Mill Machinery
Woodworking Machines
Tools & Attachments For Woodworking Mach Woodworking Machinery And Equipment
Saws & Filing Machines
Machining Ctrs & Way-Type Machines
Electrical & Ultrasonic Erosion Machines Boring Machines
Broaching Machines
Drilling & Tapping Machines
Gear Cutting & Finishing Machines
Grinding Machines
Milling Machines
Planers & Shapers
Miscellaneous Machine Tools
Rolling Mills & Drawing Machines
Metal Heat Treating & Non-Thermal Treati Metal Finishing Equipment
Electric Arc Welding Equipment
Electric Resistance Welding Equipment
Gas Welding, Heat Cutting & Mtlzng Equip Welding Positioners & Manipulators
Misc Welding Equipment
Misc Welding, Soldering & Brazing Suppli Bending & Forming Machines
Hydraulic & Pneumatic Presses, Power Dri Mechanical Presses, Power Driven
Manual Presses
Punching & Shearing Machines
Forging Machinery & Hammers
Wire & Metal Ribbon Forming Machines
Riveting Machines
Misc Secondary Metal Forming & Cutting M Machine Tools, Portable
Cutting Tools For Machine Tools
Cutting & Forming Tools For Secondary Mt Machine Tool Accessories
Accessories For Secondary Metal Working
Production Jigs, Fixtures & Templates
Machine Shop Sets, Kits & Outfits
Metalworking Machinery
Laundry & Dry Cleaning Equipment
Shoe Repairing Equipment
Industrial Sewing Machs & Mobile Textile Wrapping & Packaging Machinery
Vending & Coin Operated Machines
Misc Service & Trade Equipment
Service And Trade Equipment
Food Products Machinery & Equipment
Printing, Duplicating & Bookbinding Equi Industrial Marking Machines
Pulp & Paper Industries Machinery
Rubber & Plastics Working Machinery
Textile Industries Machinery
Clay & Concrete Products Industries Mach Crystal & Glass Industries Machinery
Tobacco Manufacturing Machinery
Leather Tanning & Leather Working Indust Chemical & Pharmaceutical Products Mfg M Gas Generating & Dispensing Systems, Fix Industrial Size Reduction Machinery
Specialized Semiconductor, Microcircuits Foundry Machinery Related Equipment & Su Specialized Metal Container Mfg Mchy & R Specialized Ammunition & Ord Mchy & Rela Industrial Assembly Machines
Cln Work Stations, Cntrld Envrmt & Relat Misc Special Industry Machinery
Special Industry Machinery
Soil Preparation Equipment
Harvesting Equipment
Dairy, Poultry & Livestock Equipment
Pest, Disease & Frost Control Equipment
Gardening Implements & Tools
Animal Drawn Vehicles & Farm Trailers
Saddlery, Harness, Whips & Related Anima Agricultural Machinery And Equipment
Earth Moving & Excavating Equipment
Cranes & Crane Shovels
Crane & Crane Shovel Attachments
Mining, Rock Drilling, Earth Boring & Rl Road Clearing & Cleaning Equipment
Truck & Tractor Atchs
Petroleum Production & Distribution Equi Misc Construction Equipment
Construction, Mining, Excavating & Highw Conveyors
Materials Feeders
Materials Handling Equipment, Nonself-Pr Warehouse Trucks & Tractors Self-Propell Blocks, Tackle, Rigging & Slings
Winches, Hoist, Cranes & Derricks
Elevators & Escalators
Misc Materials Handling Equipment
Materials Handling Equipment
Chain & Wire Rope
Fbr Rope, Cordage & Twine
Fittings For Rope, Cable & Chain
Rope, Cable, Chain & Fittings
Refrigeration Equipment
Air Conditioning Equipment
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Compone Fans, Air Crcltrs & Blower Equipment
Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Air Ci Fire Fighting Equipment
Marine Lifesaving & Diving Equipment
Decontaminating & Impregnating Equipment Safety & Rescue Equipment
Fire Fighting, Rescue Safety Equipment
Compressors & Vacuum Pumps
Power & Hand Pumps
Centrifugals, Sprtrs & Press & Vacuum Fi Pumps And Compressors
Industrial Boilers
Heat Exchangers & Steam Condensers
Industrial Furnaces Kilns, Lehrs & Ovens Driers, Dehydrators & Anhydrators
Air Purification Equipment
Nuclear Reactors
Furnace, Steam Plant & Drying Eqpt; & Nu Plumbing Fixtures & Accessories
Space Heating Equipment & Domestic Water Fuel Burning Equipment Units
Misc Plumbing, Heating & Sanitation Equi Plumbing, Heating And Sanitation Equipme Water Purification Equipment
Water Distillation Equipment, Marine & I Sewage Treatment Equipment
Water Purification And Sewage Treatment
Pipe & Tube
Hose & Tubing, Flex
Fittings & Specialties; Hose, Pipe & Tub Pipe, Tubing, Hose & Fittings
Valves, Powered
Valves, Nonpowered
Motor Vehicle Maint & Rpr Shp Spclzd Eqp Aircraft Maint & Repair Shop Spclzd Equi Torpedo Maint/Repair/Checkout Specialize Dpchg & Unwtr Mine Maint/Rpr/Ckout Spclz Ammunition Maint Repair/Checkout Special Rocket Maintenance Repair & Checkout Spe Lubrication & Fuel Dispensing Equipment
Fire Control Maintenance & Repair Shp Sp Weapons Maintenance & Repair Shop Specia Guided Missile Maint, Rpr & Ckout Spclzd Misc Maintenance & Repair Shop Specializ Space Vehicle Maintenance, Rpr & Ckout S Maintenance And Repair Shop Equipment
Hand Tools, Edged, Nonpowered
Hand Tools, Nonedged, Nonpowered
Hand Tools, Power Driven
Drill Bits, Cntrbrs & Cntrsnks; Hand & M
Taps, Dies & Collets; Hand & Machine
Tool & Hardware Boxes
Sets, Kits & Outfits Of Hand Tools
Hand Tools
Measuring Tools, Craftsmen'S
Inspection Gages & Precision Layout Tool Sets, Kits & Outfits Of Measuring Tools
Measuring Tools
Nuts And Washers
Nails, Keys & Pins
Fastening Devices
Packing & Gasket Materials
Metal Screening
Miscellaneous Hardware
Disks & Stones, Abrasive
Abrasive Materials
Knobs & Pointers
Coil, Flat & Wire Springs
Rings, Shims & Spacers
Hardware & Abrasives
Prefabricated & Portable Buildings
Rigid Wall Shelters
Collective Modular Support System
Bridges, Fixed & Floating
Storage Tanks
Scaffolding Equipment & Concrete Forms
Prefabricated Tower Structures
Misc Prefabricated Structures
Prefabricated Structures & Scaffolding
Lumber & Related Basic Wood Mtrls
Plywood & Veneer
Lumber, Millwork, Plywood, & Veneer
Mineral Construction Materials, Bulk
Bldg Glass, Tile, Brick & Block
Pipe And Conduit, Nonmetallic
Wallboard, Building Paper & Thermal Insu Roofing & Siding Materials
Fencing, Fences & Gates
Building Components, Prefabricated
Nonwood Construction Lumber And Related
Misc Construction Materials
Construction And Building Materials
Telephone & Telegraph Equipment
Communications Security Equipment & Comp Other Cryptologic Eqpt & Components
Teletype & Facsimile Equipment
Radio & Tv Comm Eqpt, Except Airborne
Radio & Tv Comm Eqpt, Airborne
Radio Nvgtn Eqpt, Except Airborne
Radio Navigation Equipment, Airborne
Ic & Pa Systems, Except Airborne
Intercom & Public Address Sys, Arbrn
Sound Recording & Reproducing Equipment
Video Recording & Reproducing Equipment
Radar Equipment, Except Airborne
Radar Equipment, Airborne
Underwater Sound Equipment
Visible & Invisible Light Comm Equipment Night Vision Equipment, Emitted & Reflec Stimulated Coherent Radn Dvcs, Cmpts & A Electronic Cntrmsrs & Qk React Cpblty Eq Misc Communication Equipment
Communication, Detection & Coherent Radi Resistors
Filters & Networks
Fuses, & Arresters, Absorbers & Prtctrs
Circuit Breakers
Connectors, Electrical
Lugs, Terminals & Terminal Strips
Relays & Solenoids
Coils & Transformers
Osclltrs & Piezo-Electric Crystals
Electron Tubes & Associated Hardware
Semiconductor Dvcs & Associated Hdwr
Microcircuits, Electronic
Electronic Modules
Headsets, Handsets, Microphones & Speake Electrical Insulators & Insulating Mater Electrical Hardware & Supys, Except Swit Electrical Contact Brshs & Electrodes
Optoelectronic Dvcs & Assoc Hardware
Antennas, Waveguide, & Related Equipment Synchros & Resolvers
Cable, Cord & Wire Assys: Comm Equipment Amplifiers
Elec/Elex Assys; Bds, Cds & Assoc Hardwa Misc Electrical & Electronic Components
Electrical & Electronic Equipment Compon Fiber Optic Rotary Joints
Fiber Optic Couplers, Splitters, & Mixer Fiber Optic Attenuators
Fiber Optic Filters
Optical Multiplexers/Demultiplexers
Fiber Optic Conductors
Fiber Optic Cables
Fiber Optic Cable Assys & Harnesses
Fiber Optics Switches
Fiber Optic Transmitters
Fiber Optic Receivers
Optical Repeaters
Fiber Optic Devices
Integrated Optical Circuits
Fiber Optic Light Sources
Fiber Optic Photo Detectors
Fiber Optic Modulators
Fiber Optic Light Transfer & Image Trans Fiber Optic Sensors
Fiber Optic Passive Devices
Fiber Optic Interconnectors
Fiber Optic Acsys & Supplies
Fiber Optic Kits & Sets
Misc Fiber Optic Components
Fiber Optics Materials, Components, Assy Motors, Electrical
Electrical Control Equipment
Generators & Generator Sets, Electrical
Fuel Cell Power Units, Cmpts & Acsys
Solar Electric Power Systems
Transformers: Distr & Power Station
Converters, Elctrcl, Rotating
Converters, Electrical, Nonrotating
Batteries, Nonrechargeable
Batteries, Rechargeable
Wire & Cable, Electrical
Misc Electric Power & Distr Eqpt
Misc Battery Retaining Fixtures & Liners Electric Wire And Power Distribution Equ Indoor & Outdoor Elec Lighting Fixtures
Electric Vehicular Lights & Fixtures
Electric Portable & Hand Lighting Eqpt
Electric Lamps
Ballasts, Lampholders & Starters
Nonelectrical Lighting Fixtures
Lighting Fixtures & Lamps
Traffic & Transit Signal Systems
Shipboard Alarm & Signal Systems
Railroad Signal & Warning Devices
Aircraft Alarm & Signal Systems
Misc Alarm, Signal & Security Dtctn Syst Alarm, Signal, & Security Detection Syst Drugs & Biologicals
Medicated Cosmetics & Toiletries
Surgical Dressing Materials
Medical & Surgical Insts Eqpt & Supys
Dental Instruments, Eqpt & Supplies
X-Ray Eqpt & Supys: Med, Dental & Vet
Hospital Furniture, Eqpt, Utensils & Sup Hospital & Surgical Clothing & Rltd Spcl Ophthalmic Instruments, Equipment & Supp Rplnshbl Field Med Sets, Kits & Outfits
In Vitro Diag Subs, Rgnts, Tst Kts & Sts Medical, Dental & Veterinary Equipment A Navigational Instruments
Flight Instruments
Auto Pilot Mechanisms & Arbrn Gyro Cmpts Engine Instruments
Electrical & Electronic Prop Msrng & Tst Chemical Analysis Instruments
Physical Properties Testing Equipment
Environmental Chmbrs & Related Equipment Laboratory Equipment & Supplies
Time Measuring Insts
Optical Insts, Tst Eqpt Cmpts & Acsys
Geophysical Insts
Meteorological Insts & Apparatus
Hazard-Detecting Insts & Apparatus
Scales & Balances
Drafting, Surveying & Mapping Insts
Liq/Gas Flo, Lq Lvl & Mech Mtn Msrng Ins Press, Temp & Humidity Measuring & Contr Combination & Misc Instruments
Instruments And Laboratory Equipment
Cameras, Motion Picture
Cameras, Still Picture
Photographic Projection Equipment
Photographic Developing & Finishing Equi Photographic Supplies
Photographic Equipment & Accessories
Film Processed
Photographic Sets, Kits & Outfits
Photographic Equipment
Gases, Compressed & Liquefied
Pest Cntrl Agents & Disinfectants
Miscellaneous Chemical Specialties
Chemical And Chemical Products
Training Aids
Armament Training Devices
Operational Training Devices
Communication Training Devices
Training Aids And Devices
Adpe System Configuration
Adp Central Processing Unit (Cpu Compute
Adp Central Processing Unit (Cpu Compute
Adp Central Processing Unit (Cpu Compute
Adp Input/Output & Storage Devices
Adp Software
Adp Support Equipment
Punched Card Equipment
Mini & Micro Computer Control Devices
Adp Supplies
Adp Components
Gen Purpose Adp Eqpt; Firm/Software, Sup Household Furniture
Office Furniture
Cabinets, Lockers, Bins & Shelving
Misc Furniture & Fixtures
Household Furnishings
Floor Coverings
Drapes, Awnings & Shades
Household & Commercial Utility Container Misc Household & Commercial Furnishings
Household And Commercial Furnishings And Food Cooking, Baking & Serving Eqpt
Kitchen Equipment & Appliances
Kitchen Hand Tools & Utensils
Cutlery & Flatware
Sets, Kits, Outfits, Food Prep & Serving Food Preparation & Serving Equipment
Accounting & Calculating Machines
Typewriters & Office Type Composing Mach Office Information System Equipment
Office Type Snd Rcrdng Reproducing Machs Visible Record Equipment
Misc Office Machines
Office Machine, Text Processing Sys & Vi Office Supplies
Office Devices & Accessories
Stationery & Record Forms
Standard Forms
Office Supplies And Devices
Books & Pamphlets
Newspapers & Periodicals
Maps, Atlases, Charts & Globes
Drawings & Specifications
Sheet & Book Music
Microfilm, Processed
Misc Printed Matter
Books, Maps And Other Publications
Musical Instruments
Musical Instrument Parts & Accessories
Phonographs, Radios & Tv Sets: Home Type Phonograph Records
Musical Instruments, Phonographs And Hom Athletic & Sporting Equipment
Games, Toys & Wheeled Goods
Recreational & Gymnastic Eqpt
Recreational And Athletic Equipment
Floor Polishers & Vacuum Cleaning Eqpt
Brooms, Brushes, Mops & Sponges
Cleaning/Polishing Cmpnds & Prprtns
Cleaning Equipment & Supplies
Paints, Dopes, Varnishes & Related Produ Paint & Artists' Brushes
Prsrvtv & Sealing Compounds
Brushes, Paints, Sealers, & Adhesives
Bags & Sacks
Drums And Cans
Boxes, Cartons & Crates
Commercial & Industrial Gas Cylinders
Bottles & Jars
Reels & Spools
Packaging & Packing Bulk Materials
Ammo & Nuclear Ord Boxes, Pkgs & Spclzd
Specialized Shipping & Storage Container Containers, Packaging And Packing Suppli Textile Fabrics
Yarn And Thread
Notions & Apparel Findings
Padding & Stuffing Materials
Fur Materials
Shoe Findings & Soling Mtrls
Tents & Tarpaulins
Flags & Pennants
Textiles, Lthr, Furs, Aprl & Shoe Fndgs, Outerwear, Men'S
Outerwear, Women'S
Clothing, Special Purpose
Underwear & Nightwear, Men'S
Underwear & Nightwear, Women'S
Footwear, Men'S
Footwear, Women'S
Hosiery, Handwear, & Clthng Acsys, Men'S Hosiery, Handwear, & Clothing Acsys, Wom Childrens & Infants' Apparel & Acsys
Badges & Insignia
Individual Equipment
Armor, Personal
Specialized Flight Clothing & Acsys
Clothing, Individual Equipment & Insigni Perfumes, Toilet Preps & Powders
Toilet Soap, Shaving Preps & Dentifrices Personal Toiletry Articles
Toiletry Paper Products
Forage & Feed
Seeds & Nursery Stock
Agricultural Supplies
Live Animals, Raised For Food
Live Animals, Not Raised For Food
Live Animals
Meat, Poultry & Fish
Dairy Foods & Eggs
Fruits & Vegetables
Bakery & Cereal Products
Sugar, Confectionery & Nuts
Jams, Jellies, & Preserves
Soups & Bouillons
Special Dietary Foods & Food Spclty Prep Food Oils & Fats
Condiments & Related Products
Coffee, Tea & Cocoa
Beverages, Nonalcoholic
Beverages, Alcoholic
Composite Food Packages
Tobacco Products
Fuels, Solid
Liq Propellants & Fuels, Petro Base
Liquid Propellant Fuels & Oxidizers, Che Fuel Oils
Oils & Greases: Cutng, Lube & Hydraulic
Miscellaneous Waxes, Oils & Fats
Fuels, Lubricants, Oils & Waxes
Paper & Paperboard
Rubber Fabricated Materials
Plastics Fabricated Materials
Glass Fabricated Materials
Refractories & Fire Surfacing Materials
Misc Fabricated Nonmetallic Mtrls
Nonmetallic Fabricated Materials
Crude Grades Of Plant Materials
Fibers: Vegetable, Animal & Synthetic
Misc Crude Animal Products, Inedible
Misc Crude Agri & Forestry Products
Nonmetallic Scrap, Except Textile
Nonmetallic Crude Materials
Wire, Nonelectrical, Iron & Steel
Bars & Rods, Iron & Steel
Plate, Sheet, Strip & Foil; Iron & Steel Structural Shapes, Iron & Steel
Wire, Nonelectrical, Nonferrous Base Mtl Bars & Rods, Nonfrrs Base Metal
Plate, Sheet, Strip & Foil: Nonfr Base M Structural Shapes, Nonferrous Base Mtl
Plate, Sheet, Strip, Foil & Wire Preciou Metal Bars, Sheets, & Shapes
Minerals, Natural & Synthetic
Additive Metal Mtrls & Master Alloys
Iron & Steel Prmry & Semifinished Prdcts Nonferrous Base Mtl Refnry & Intermed Fo Precious Metals Primary Forms
Iron & Steel Scrap
Nonfrrs Metal Scrap
Ores, Minerals And Their Primary Product Signs, Ad Displays & Id Plates
Collectors And/Or Historical Items
Smokers' Articles & Matches
Ecclesiastical Eqpt, Furnishings & Suppl Memorials; Cemeterial & Mortuary Eqpt &
Miscellaneous Items
Acquisition Logistics Standards And Spec Automatic Test Technology Standards
Computer Aided Design/Numerical Control
Configuration Management
Composites Technology
Data Communications Protocol Standards
Drawing Practices
Dod Engineering Data Reproduction System Engineering Data Systems
Electromagnetic Compatibility
Environmental Requirements And Related T Facilities Engineering & Design Requirem Forgings
General Design Requirements
Human Factors
Information Processing Standards And Tec Information Processing Standards For Com International Standardization Documents
International Standardization Documents
International Standardization Documents
Mission Critical Computer Resources
Mapping, Charting & Geodesy Technology
Metal Castings
Metal Finishes And Finishing Processes A Miscellaneous
Nondestructive Testing & Inspection
Nuclear Ordnance
Packing, Packaging, Preservation And Tra Quality Control/Assurance & Inspection
Radio-Frequency Exposure To Personnel Sa System Safety
Standardization And Data Management Prog Soldering
Telecommunications Systems Standards
Federal Telecommunications Standards
Screw Threads
Thermal Joining Of Metals (Except Solder Technical Manual Specs & Standards