re: Apology for styled text, Query

Michael Wiik (
Mon, 06 Dec 1999 10:58:03 -0500

Michael M. Butler wrote:

> I've switched to Netscape Messenger from Eudora Pro, and unfortunately
> the Netscape product thinks HTML mail is Kewl as a default.
> Grr.
> Sorry. This and future postings from yours truly ought to be in plain
> ASCII. Please advise if I haven't got it right quite yet.

Netscape Messenger has a nice set of options for formatting outgoing mail. Unfortunately I can't see any options for turning off incoming HTML email.

Like Netscape, I too thought the ability to compose HTML email was kewl, but lately I'm thinking the entire Netscape concept - that people would create web pages all the time, especially in email - is just flawed. HTML in email is unsecure, and a waste. The only 'real' HTML email I've ever received has come from Netscape developer's newletters.

So, is there an email client that:

  1. runs on Windows.
  2. handles attachments properly,
  3. has no clue about HTML. I'm serious, if the email begins <h1>hello there</h1> that's exactly what I want to see in the client.
  4. uses ASCII text *only*.

I'm thinking maybe early versions of Eudora. Please don't suggest Outlook.



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