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Sun, 5 Dec 1999 23:39:29 EST

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> the teenagers with
> machine guns would be forced to assume the running screamer was
> attempting to abscond with some plutonium, and would be forced to
> take appropriate action to prevent this. They didnt wish to explain
> any bullet riddled rocket scientists.

Well...this was either in the sixties when I was still at home...or in the 70's sometime when i was home on leave. I don't recall when some of those conversations took place.

My uncle wasn't a teenager but he most like had a machine gun. He was a gunsmith in his spare time. I recall many a conversation regarding the merits of AK-47's vs M-15's....a pity he didn't live long enough (brain anurism) to get into those conversations with my son...and avid gun enthusist.