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Sun, 5 Dec 1999 23:13:27 EST

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> writes:
> > Silicon Valley capitalism where old companies
> > are always dying, and new ones taking over; where the "labor" not only
> > isn't controlled, it gets stock options. The Nazi industrialists would
> > have hated it.

To which Spudboy responds....
> Hmmmm Bill Gates and and Steve Case of AOL? They old German industrialist
> like Krupp would have 're-organized' the industries to their liking. If
> is assumimg a similar culture as existed in Deutschland in from 1866-1945;
> the attitude of the workers would be different as well. All data would be
> controlled by Big Brother then.

To which I would point out the present difficulties of Microsoft and the fact that AOL IS in a competitive enviroment.