Re: gay dogs

D.den Otter (
Sun, 05 Dec 1999 22:53:26 +0100

> From: Spike Jones <>
> phil osborn wrote:
> > Fact is that males of most mammalian species - especially "higher" mammals -
> > will copulate with just about anything....
> A neighbor's female dog would mount one's leg and do that thing that
> male dogs sometimes do, if you would let her. Strangest thing you
> ever saw. I should have documented it with a video. spike

I have a female dog that does the same thing (she prefers arms to legs tho). In fact, I've just been raped by the bitch :-( I've also had some experiences with gay cocks. Actually, they weren't really gay; cocks will mate with anything that looks like a crouching (i.e."willing") chicken. I've seen them rape a dying cock and dead chickens, for example. They would mate with the dead or dying animal until completely exhausted. Just couldn't help themselves, apparently.