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Robert Owen (
Sun, 05 Dec 1999 13:38:47 -0500 wrote:

> The "socialist" moniker was merely the veneer to cover what was to become The
> Adolph Hitler Fund-definitively captains of German industry. A larger party
> of the "early" period 1919-1928 and later allied with Hitler was the German
> National Partei; which was avowedly, captalist; and believed in the
> superiority of the German "race" and the inferiority of all others. That was
> also mentioned in Bill Shirer's magnum opus.

Right! "National Socialism" is "State Capitalism". It is interesting that this "State" (c.f. "Corporate State") subcontracted the management of many death-camps to industrialists like Farben and Messerschmidt. Some "detainees" were even sent to civilian factories to serve as slave labor as a mode of compensation.


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