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In reponse to the post below. Huh? The name "Nanogirl"= nano+girl, = nanotechnology, and, I am female, it's a my nickname. If you don't know nanotechnology, is technology based on the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules to build structures to complex, atomic specifications. (See Engines of Creation or Nanosystems by K. Eric Drexler) The Nanogirl news is a collection of high technology news items culled from numerous on and off line news sources, that I post for peoples information via email. (to extropians as well as other email threads, including my own at
To start with your question about Nanotechnology Industries. Nanotechnology Industries is a non-profit scientific organization that is still in the organizational stage. Our mission is to develop an awareness of nanotechnology among technical and business people, to build a network of technical and business people interested in nanotechnology, to explore possible development pathways, and to identify the major problems and find ways to solve them. We anticipate that as potential solutions to the problems of developing first molecular machine systems, and then, advanced molecular manufacturing systems are
found, we will form partnerships with those with the necessary laboratory skills and financial resources. It is hoped that one or more for-profit entities will then be set up to pursue those goals. For the moment, our major activities include our web site, email nanogirl news, our newsletter, getting legally organized, building a community of researchers and business people interested in nanotechnology, and finding sponsors to fund a major study of progress, problems, and opportunities in nanotechnology. There is a strong interest in eventual investor programs and lab collaboration, or on the flip side may even consider working with others and submitting paper proposal to insite a grant
and continue as non-profit. Both of these would need people of hands on/in the lab research to give attributes that would qualify for either. I'm not sure how to take your "Borg Barbie or a pseudonym for someone stranger
than strange." comment. But I will give you the benefit of the doubt. I hope that this has saved you the incredible exertion of click on my "hot link" or actually reading the nanogirl news. Gina "NANOGIRL" Miller

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>Gina Miller wrote: my signature blah, blah, blah.
>Somebody or other said that "Gina Miller" was a class-act. or
>words to that effect. I could click on the hotlink, but I'd rather
>you told me about "Nanotechnology Industries" and the signifi-
>cance of your middle name.
>I suppose I should know all this, but always deleted forwards
>etc. of "Nanogirl News" [is that right?] because it either evoked
>an image of a Borg Barbie or a pseudonym for someone stranger
>than strange.
>Anyway, allow me to introduce myself. Please tell me what
>"Nanogirl News" [sic.?] is all about. I'm ready to learn.
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