Re: The Assembler

Robert Owen (
Sun, 05 Dec 1999 03:08:38 -0500

Gina Miller wrote:

> Gina "Nanogirl" Miller
> Nanotechnology Industries
> Personal Web
> E-mail:

Somebody or other said that "Gina Miller" was a class-act. or words to that effect. I could click on the hotlink, but I'd rather you told me about "Nanotechnology Industries" and the significance of your middle name.

I suppose I should know all this, but always deleted forwards etc. of "Nanogirl News" [is that right?] because it either evoked an image of a Borg Barbie or a pseudonym for someone stranger than strange.

Anyway, allow me to introduce myself. Please tell me what "Nanogirl News" [sic.?] is all about. I'm ready to learn.


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