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The most recent publication of The Assembler, Newsletter of the Molecular Manufacturing Shortcut Group of the National Space Society, included an essay by Fred Hapgood, entitled Nanotechnology, Green Yuppies, and the Colonization of Outer Space. He is the connection to the MIT Nanotechnology Study Group, he has more NT essays available online at: His webpage is at:

Issue also contains:
An interview with Greg Burch entitled Extropians Defend Transhumanism. (Greg Burch webpage:

Integrated Micro/Nanotechnology for Space Applications. A second conference for enabling technologies in New Space systems. Abstracts of papers presented at the conference will be available at: Or order the hard copy at:

There was some additional subjects as well.

You can see the Assembler (online version) at:
Tihamer Toth-Fejel, editor of The Assembler

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