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>Higher than a cat? There have been studies which I read about in a book by
>Colin Wilson,
>thay states in a remarkable way, that homosexuality was rare or nonexistent
>in primitive tribes, and seems to have figured in the history of Western
>civilization ever since men began to live in big cities.
>(Experiments conducted by the psychologist John B. Calhoun in which rats
>were made to live and breed in overcrowded conditions showed that rats
>developed homosexuality when crowded into slums)
>It's a unique theory, at least a primarily unstated theory, and I can see
>the slight for this to be a social equation, but a difficult theory to pin
>on a personal level.(genetic, hormone, experience) Any way, the point is,
>rats can appreciate the beauty of both sexes as well.
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> >Any biologist will tell you that


RFD:joery@adosthem - at 

least the males, who generally raped the females of whatever species was available.

Also, there is a vast literature on dominance relationships and "mounting behavior." Sex and dominance are strongly linked in most mammal species. - just a couple of random thoughts...

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