Re: Making better plants [was Miss Pop Ulation]
Sat, 4 Dec 1999 22:00:18 EST

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> Seriously though, you could harvest the gas (H2 or Methane)
> directly. You simply surround the field with a few inches
> of concrete, pump in a few inches of water, throw in the right
> (potentially engineered) bacteria, cover the tank with plastic
> and pump out the gas. This is already done in places like
> India where they ferment excess plant material (or feces)
> into a low quality gas source. What is needed is a much more
> efficient system and/or a low cost method of separating the
> gases (CO2/N2/O2/H2/CH4). I think the latter problem gets
> solved by nanotech (or even near nanotech when you can engineer
> materials with highly accurate pore sizes that can be used
> for pressure separation of the gases).

That reminds me of books I've read in the past. They went into great detail regarding "methane generators". I'd considered building one once when I was raising pigs.