Re: WEARABLES: Smart sneakers

Zeb Haradon (
Sat, 4 Dec 1999 18:09:19 -0800

I read about another idea for a "smart sneaker", this one was prototyped at MIT I believe, and I think I read about someone putting it into production but I'm not sure. Additional info would be appreciated. This sneaker contained information about you: your phone number, stats, resume maybe, stuff like that. When you shake someone's hand, who is also wearing this type of sneaker, a small voltage transmits all your info to them, and theirs to you. Later you go home and look at all their info on your computer.
I think this would be great. Socially, it would serve the same function as having a web page: you can have a store of information about yourself and your interests that people can look at which might be awkward to bring up out of the blue.

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