Re: Making better plants [was Miss Pop Ulation]
Sat, 4 Dec 1999 18:42:11 EST

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Regarding plants and photosynthesis.

> Photosystem II
> absorbs a photon and splits water to produce H+ ions.

Do I understand this correctly?

What I think is being said here is that plants split water into it's constituite components.....Hydrogen and Oxygen.

Duh.....of course that's what plants do. That's why there's oxygen in the air.

Howsomeever....what would prevent some genegineer from tinkering and producing a plant from which hydrogen gas could be harvested?

I evision some type of "fruit'.....(in the sense that corn, maize or beans is a fruit).....that might be harvested and consequently used as fuel feedstock in a Hydrogen Economy.


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