Re: biological changes to make humans able to adapt to space

Robert J. Bradbury (
Sat, 4 Dec 1999 08:39:36 -0800 (PST)

On Sat, 4 Dec 1999 wrote:

> First, most of the folks in the audience will be astonishingly
> ignorant of nanotech, so you'll be doing good work in introducing the basic
> concept. However, you should assume that you are starting from "square one"
> and that most of your audience will still be digesting the basic concept of
> an assembler when you're off and running about nanomedicine.

Its interesting, because the paper from Jnl. British Interplanetary Society on using nanotech to create a Mars atmosphere is 5+ years old now. But yes, one always has to assume a slow ramp-up with these new-fangled concepts.

> Second, talk of dismantling Mars will turn that group against you:

I would assume that... Ok, I'll shift it to dismantling Mercury so they have the entire solar output available (and point out in passing that it would then take only 12 hours to dismantle Mars). :-)

> Expect the "peasants storming Frankenstein's castle" reaction.

Oh boy, another story to add to my collection.

> I know it's hard for you, Robert :-), but PLEASE go easy with those folks…

Gee wizz Uncle Greg, you never let me have any fun at all....

... Sulking out of the office looking for a dog to kick ...