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Technotranscendence (neptune@mars.superlink.net)
Sat, 4 Dec 1999 08:49:40 -0800

On Friday, December 03, 1999 8:01 PM David Lubkin lubkin@unreasonable.com wrote:
> I was once working on a story about humans genetically engineered to
> live in the ocean. I asked a friend who is a geneticist and a science
> fiction writer what they might look like.
> Her design was essentially octopi.

Octopodes! The word comes from Greek not Latin roots.:):):)

That is interesting. I imagine this is because of the flexibility.

> Add to that their relatively high intelligence, green blood, and other
> biological weirdnesses.

Weird only to those used to other norms.

> Build your own scenario.

As for scenarios, a few years back, I added my admittedly amateur fiction works to the list of those on uplifting (a list which includes writers like Olaf Stapeldon and David Brin). I wrote two science fiction stories, "Other Minds" and "Splitting Hares" that dealt with uplifting animals. I hope to have the former up on web site in a few weeks. (I have to type it in from hardcopies! :@ Not that it's all that good. Remember I did say and mean "amateur.":)

In this vein, it might be good to develop a list of all the works, nonfiction and fiction, on this topic as an quick way to get an "education" for those interested.

I will start here.

  1. _Sirius_ by Olaf Stapeldon (novel)
  2. "Run, Bookworm, run!" by Vernor Vinge (short story)
  3. The _Sundiver_ series by David Brin (novels)

By no means is this comprehensive. I hope it will prove a seed for others to add to.

> I don't eat octopus any more.

Nor do I.:)


Daniel Ust