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> I just this minute finished watching "Thirteenth Floor". If anyone hasn't
> seen it yet I strongly advise that you do so.

Just finished seeing this on pay-per-view and I wholeheartedly concur. This is the best science fiction movie in a LONG time. I HIGHLY recommend it: For a Hollywood production, it is incredibly smart and self-consistent.

This flick is head and shoulders above "The Matrix" and "Dark City" in terms of tech-driven existential / philosophical explorations of identity, consciousness and "personhood" and is at least the equal of "Blade Runner" in this regard. Moreover, as I think one other poster noted, the depiction of a positive, technology-imbued future is a very welcome change from the typical Hollywood dystopian anti-progress themes we see in what usually passes for cinematic "sci-fi". I give "The Thirteenth Floor" four thumbs up.

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