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> > And insane and stupid man don't rule on organizated structures.
> Iddi Ahmeen.....Saddam Hussien.....Adolph Hitler....Oral Roberts.....not
> mention wild willie.
Idi Amin was a tribu chief controlling a country (tech zero) with external help. Maybe insane, not stupid.
Saddam Hussein is not stupid, a stupid don't survive a long war with Iran, a big defeath with USA-ONU Force and 20 year. Adolph Hitler was nor stupid (but very evil with enemies).

> I wouldn't call them particulary sane..after one fashion or
> another...SocioPaths come to mind......and they did rule ....for a while
> anyway..
> They were(are) bright fellows though....or sneaky anyway..
They don't do anythings too stupid.
Saddam didn't use chemical weapon for fear of USA atomic reaction. How will USA react at 10.000 dead in war?

The real danger is terrorist.
One bomb on Twin Tower will, maybe, do 500.000-1.000.000 deads if the one Tower fall on the other.
No big tech, only much explosive
How will USA react at this, will no direct enemy to strike back?

Who is Oral Roberts?

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