TransVision 2000 mailing list.

D.den Otter (
Fri, 03 Dec 1999 19:25:52 +0100

TransVision is an annual gathering of (mainly) European transhumanists and other people who are interested in how contemporary & future technological developments could best be used to overcome the biological limitations ( including death, disease and unhappiness) of the human condition. Not just the potential benefits of scientific progress will be discussed, though, but also the very significant dangers of war or accidents with advanced technologies. Topics may include cryonics, life extension, food supplements, nanotechnology, AI, mind uploading, the (technological) Singularity, genetic engineering, 'transhuman' music and art, smart drugs etc. Apart from these 'serious' issues there will be ample opportunity to eat, drink and be gay, of course.

TransVision 2000 will be held next summer somewhere in or around London; exact dates and locations aren't yet available in these early stages of planning (that's what this list is for). The event will most likely be spread out over 3 days, probably Friday-Sunday.

The previous TransVisions were hosted by Transcedo in the Netherlands (in '98, see: and Aleph in Sweden ('99, see: These were fairly small, "inside" gatherings for transhumanists, but this year's event is meant to be more open to the public, and will therefore be larger and (presumably) somewhat different in style. It will be hosted by the WTA (World Transhumanist Association, see: and the Alcor UK group (see:

If you want to keep in touch with developments (dates, locations, speakers etc.), have suggestions, questions or comments and/or want to help organising the event, you're welcome to join this mailing list.