does this guy sleep with a copy of "The Bell Curve" under his pillow?

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Hello everyone,

I enjoyed this post from AdAstra on and my responses are in parantheses below. I had some fun here but wondered if this fellow could really be headed to med school. lol

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Subject: RE: Re: Can All Races Live Together as Brothers?

(this is a quote Jonathon quotes and criticizes, author not given)

  > by the fact that any male human can mate with
  >any female human on the

(What he meant I am sure was that on a genetic level we are all compatible
and not whether or not the guy has the money or nice car to impress every single hot female on the planet!!!)

Alas, this is not true. Mating choices in modern society is governed as much by intellectual caste as well as socio-economic And ever more these two are becoming one in the same.

(A good point, brainy guys(sometimes considered "nerds") are now becoming
"success objects" for women who want a good meal ticket. They are smart enough to realize an intelligent and educated man can bring home the bacon and maybe the whole entire pig as well! Of course women want guys with both brains and looks!)

I can no more mate with Carmen Electra than a local high school drop-out can without a sufficiently large sum of money.

(You poor guy!! I desperately want to mate with Mariah Carey but I don't
know if she goes for poor college students as husband material! I disagree though that just suddenly winning the New York state lottery would allow you to sweep Carmen off her feet but it would get through the door to parties where you could actually meet her and you would have money for your own needs on a competitive level with her; but still no guarantee of getting her!!)

Fewer people make this money in entertainment and sports than in modern techno-industry and business. My choices will likely be limited to others in my employment caste, other physicians or scientists and this is the trend of the future.

(You're a doctor or headed that way?? What are you complaining about
buddy!!! You have it made!! Women dream about snagging guys in your profession. You are limited to your "caste" of doctors and scientists? What a tragedy! Have you ever considered dating wonderful and educated people who happen not to be doctors and scientists? Just a thought.)

The local drop-out will make babies with a career welfare recipient. This suggests socio-ecomomix will cause subtle allelic lines resulting in incipient neo-racialization Socio-gibberish, but true.

(Birds of a feather flock together! But sometimes gals run off with Mr.
Badboy from the wrong side of the tracks and have some babies with him.)

(So, if I understand you right natural selection is going on here as women
mate more and more with very brainy guys who because of that are good providers. I can see how in our high-tech age this tendancy is rapidly accelerating but even in times far past women wanted a bright fellow who had a handle on what was going on around him so he could make life good for her. And don't forget intellect comes in many forms as shown with studies involving the emotional quotient. If you're great at science then also being great with people will really get you ahead!!)

(But if I really understand you, then the point you are making is that we
are forming into a genetic caste system based on natural selection for intelligence. Man, you are not going to be a popular guy Jonathon!! Watch out for liberal and moderate intellectuals that will jump out from behind bushes and seriously beat you up with copies of their books refuting "The Bell Curve!")

By and large, the take home point is that the vast majority of humanity is just a primordial pool of genetic mutants stewing and screwing, producing an occasional exceptional individual that can rise to the higher caste. The minority of humanity will be a select group of subtle allelic distinction from the masses, but vastly greater capability.

(Jonathon, have you ever taken a course in evolutionary theory? I wonder!!
I don't think my friend you know what a mutant is! If we were all mutants this world would be much more interesting.)

(So we are going to have this dominant minority lording it over the rest of
us huh?? That damn Khan and the rest of his genetic supermen!! I'm glad Kirk put him in his place.)

(It is true that parents of modest intellectual powers can have an extremely
bright child but even this child mated to another bright person can still wind up having children of only average ability.)

(And also ambition and drive plays a major part in whether people succeed or
fail in life! Ever consider that? Nature is important but nurture is vastly important also to bring out the full potential and many children on a global scale never receive this. Many children grow up too malnourished to have a chance to develop their full intellectual powers.)

  >Brazilian magazine once that wasn't "PC" enough
  >not to refrain from showing photographs of what
  >appeared to be the offspring of an ape/human

Impossible. Probably just a very ugly aborigine, as if they come any other way.

(Jonathon!! I'm sure to some people that aborigine is very beautiful! Stop
with the ethnocentric arrogance! One day that aborigine could have net access and read your post. Think of the pain you might cause him!)

(Well, I enjoyed responding to this post. I hope he learned something from
all the emails he is certain to receive. :)


John Grigg

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