Re: Miss Pop Ulation
Fri, 3 Dec 1999 03:26:26 EST

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> I
> think the main argument for overpopulation is that there is not enough
> room to grow all the food, not that there is not enough room to house
> all the people.
> Until we can grow meat and vegies in labs, stacked on top of one another
> into huge food-producing high-rises, I still see this as a valid point,

Consider, however, the price of pork.

Or the price of wheat. According to farmers I talk to weekly (when I deliver their new tractors)'s at a (perhaps?) record low.

Now if the economic "law' of supply and demand holds that means there is insufficient demand. And truly....the plains states (not to mention california) can grow a LOT of food.

This does not address the problem of low per capita income in underdeveloped countries. A big percentage of the global population does not have the money to buy the ( a low price..but too high for them) food.

Technologically it is and has been possible to support a larger population than now exists ...politicaly there's a problem..

EvMick (running for cover...hearing an political/economic debate approaching)