Re: Miss Pop Ulation (was: population, homosexuality)
Fri, 3 Dec 1999 02:08:20 EST

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> 10 billion, 50 billion, whatever. I guess the number is not finally the
> point. Most people in the west are healthy. We don't need to reproduce
> survival any more. The pressure to do so is all but gone. Therefore
> diversity is at an all time high and will probably keep climbing until,
> the big S.

yup....ZPG has been attained in the US for quiet some time now. The population increase is due to immigration. I understand the same is true of other technicaly advanced countries...and it's starting to become evident other places too. I've even heard mention that it's conceivable that the population will "peak" in the foreseable future...

Do you suppose that all time best seller...written by that eminent enviromentalist (the population name) incorrect?