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> Speaking of Texas......I've heard it said that the entire population of
> earth could be put in Texas with no greater population density than is
> in some European countries.

I've heard a lot of things, but that doesn't make them so. Simple math will prove this claim wrong. All my figures were pulled from <>:

Texas has 261,914 square miles of land (not water). The world population is 6,034,867,134 as of 1/1/2000. 6,034,867,134 people divided by 261,914 square equals

23,041 people per square mile.

Excluding microstates (less than 200 square miles, Vatican City, Monaco, etc.),
Bangladesh is the world's most densely populated country with 2200 people per square mile. This is 1/10th the density resulting from putting the world's population in Texas.

Obviously, this claim is false.

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