Re: population, homosexuality

Spike Jones (
Thu, 02 Dec 1999 17:48:59 -0800

> Rob wrote:
> >> ...An evolutionary dead end - like homosexuality. New deviants will pop...

> Spike wrote:
> >One might conclude that the homosexual deviation is in some way
> >advantageous to the *population* in which it occurs, thus explaining...
> [Rob] ...never thought of that possibility. Of course, the first thing
> that came to me was "How can Homos pass on their genes for any amplification
> of effect to be made? But then I thought "Perhaps the presence of the
> recessive gene in the pool as a whole is preferable, and so is indirectly
> propagated by the reproducing carriers"...

That, or else the *mechanism* for producing homosexuals is not the traditionally

understood recessive gene mechanism [like that which produces blue eyes, etc] but rather an entirely different mechanism, such as: there exists a possibility
of inheriting the *genital configuration* genetic material from one parent while inheriting the *sexual preference* genetic material from the other. In this way, two hetero parents could produce homo offspring, or vice versa.

Also with this mechanism, we can explain ambiguously gendered offspring produced from two non-ambiguously gendered parents. I dont want to speculate too much on this as I am not trained in this field. spike