Retro humor [was Re: transplant progress...]

Robert J. Bradbury (
Thu, 2 Dec 1999 17:41:51 -0800 (PST)

On Thu, 2 Dec 1999, Spike Jones wrote:

> Robert J. Bradbury wrote:
> > we are now going to look at a couple of hours of Flip Wilson reruns
> > followed by some really tasty episodes of SNL interspersed with RnM-LI.
> OK Robert, Im remember who Flip Wilson was: black comedian who
> did Geraldine and such on, what was that show? Rowan and Martins
> Laugh It Up? Or something like that. And, I was PRESENT! at the
> very first SNL show, loved it. But what is RnM-LI?

You got it almost right. RnM-LI is Rowen and Martin's Laugh-In. I think the other was probably Flip Wilson's Comedy Hour but I might be wrong.

[Tom Jones]
> I vaguely recall him too. Lounge lizard from the early 70s?

Heart throb of millions of girls and women. Remember "Bye, bye, bye Delila". I think it was the {Welsh?} accent that did it.

> Yes, it does, which perhaps some medic on the list can tell me:
> Do cardiac arrest patients *really* respond ~80% of the time
> to those shock paddle thingies? Hope so.

Dunno, but as far as I'm concerned you aren't dead until the bacteria have recycled your molecules.

> I even remember soylent green! Dark but thought provoking film
> from about... 74?

I think the "green" was for the masses and there was "blue" and some other colors for the elites (presumably made from the finer body parts, or higher class individuals...)

> As do I. {8-] I think I posted to another list the notion that
> if we manage to work out some means of greatly extending life,
> we may need to work out a way of methodically discarding information
> from our brains:

We probably do already, albeit at a slow rate. They say use it or lose it. I just want to download it someplace safe in case I ever need some of it.

> How about eliminating those memories of ourselves doing something
> stupid or embarrassing? That should free up a lotta space in my case.
Never, never, never sacrifice the stories. In the final analysis all we've got that makes us unique is collections of good stories. (Our skills we can change, our appearence we can change, the underlying genes and even the hardware we run on we can change, but the stories remain our own.)

Sometime when we've had a few beers, remind me to tell you the story of "L'aventure de Robert en Paris"... I assure you that you are not alone...