Re: META: Dead horses

Spike Jones (
Thu, 02 Dec 1999 17:23:16 -0800

> Robert Bradury wrote:
> > Most importantly, we are exploring a phenomena of "group mind".
> > I can't get my mind to agree with itself most of the time, so
> > I have little hope for getting "real" agreement among physically
> > distinct minds. But I hope that some of our efforts allow the
> > "group mind" to collectively stumble forward.
> >
> O'Regan, Emlyn wrote: Borganist! You can't "Gr**p M*nd" on this list! There
> are children present!

Hey Emlyn we aughta make a subgroup of extropians who have toyed with the idea and are favorable to experimenting with Borganism. Can we get one of those cool eyebrow thingies like 7 of 9? spike