R: NANO: Custom molecules (gulp!)

Mirco Romanato (painlord@tin.it)
Thu, 2 Dec 1999 19:56:01 +0100

> Mirco Romanato writes:
> > > Spike Jones wrote:
> [...]
> > > Real wars, not little pretend wars like we have nowadays, are
> > > fought with every possible tool.
> > It's no true.
> > In WWII Axies and Allies had many chemical weapons, but they never use
> > (in combat).
> And this proves exactly what?

Real wars are not fought with every possible tool.

In real, modern, war there are limits.

Only an insane and stupid man (or group of men) will trepass them; because gain will overwelmed by loss.
And insane and stupid man don't rule on organizated structures.

The real problem are little groups of fanatics.

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