Re: infectious vs oxidative stress theory of AIDS

Lee Daniel Crocker (
Thu, 2 Dec 1999 10:07:28 -0800 (PST)

> Then could you kindly provide the reference to the paper
> that shows the scanning electron micrographs of
> the banded viral isolate. "Show me the money".

Such mote-in-your-brother's-eye arguments are a common tactic of creationists and other crackpots, including the "HIV is not AIDS" crowd. Biology (and evolution) is very complex, and there are some fringes that aren't well understood. Creationists like to point to these fringes and say "Look--those folks on the evolution side can't agree about everything, and can't show solid proof of it all, so you might as well believe in creation." The non-HIV AIDS crowd has the same level of intellectual integrity when they point out that the isolation of HIV didn't meet all of Koch's postulates to 100%, that there are outliers in much of the data, and lots of details not yet understood. They also use the tactic of argument by definition, redefining some cases of immune deficiency of unknown cause as "AIDS" so that they can claim that there are AIDS cases not caused by HIV. The facts are simple: those non-HIV cases are not AIDS; those patients will not suffer the fatal precipitous drop of immune function that all AIDS patients (with HIV) will.

The simple facts known to everyone beyond any rational dispute are that the HIV family of viruses, spread by exchange of bodily fluids, cause AIDS. If you're not infected, you won't get the disease. Millions of confirmations of this should not be upset by a few unusual cases that will be expected in any investigation. Anyone who claims otherwise has an agenda that they value more than the truth.

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