Re: Uplifting II

Michael M. Butler (
Wed, 01 Dec 1999 19:29:27 -0800

It's also worthy of note that all known species of cephs have *really* short lifespans by human lights.
Senescence/death appear to be plugged in to sexual maturity in cephs, more so than even, say, mustelids.

So now, posit the ceph uplift requires extending their lifespan. If that were done to the germline and
it got out into the world's ceph population somehow, what would the impact be? With, or without, changing
their go-for-broke reproduction strategies (e.g., planktonic larvae
in some species)?

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><< Suppose octopodes were uplifted, and then they decided to upload, and you
> future bunch of uploaded bits that trace their origin to you) encounter them
> (the future bunch of uploaded bits that trace their origin to the
> upload space. What do you think this would be like?
> -Ken >>
>I suppose it would depend on the species of octopod, and how much of their
>previous behavioral structure remains in the uplift. There are some
>which are canibalistic, and there are some that die after reproducing.
>these themes still be present in our uplifted octopods? If so, it may make
>for some friction from having different perspectives than humans on these