Re: Uplifting 666

Anders Sandberg (
01 Dec 1999 14:14:14 +0100

Charlie Stross <> writes:

> "Excuse me, I want to return this time-line. It is silly."
> "It's not silly, it's just accelerating a bit erratically."


Mr. Bun: Morning.

Waitress: Morning.

Mr. Bun: Well, what you got?

Waitress: Well, there's nanotech and biotech; nanotech, space and biotech; nanotech and AI; nanotech, biotech and AI; nanotech, biotech, space and AI; AI, biotech, space and AI; AI, nanotech, AI, AI, biotech and AI; AI, space, AI, AI, AI, biotech, AI, intelligence amplification and AI; AI, AI, AI, nanotech and AI; (Eliezer clones start singing in background) AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, uploading, AI, AI, AI and AI.

Eliezer clones: AI, AI, AI, AI, lovely AI, lovely AI.

Waitress: (cont) or a technological eschaton based on biomimetic complex software evolution with agoric systems, served with hedonic engineering, cognitive restructuring, a mature nanotech on top and AI.

Mrs. Bun: Have you got anything without AI?

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