RE: ruffled feathers

O'Regan, Emlyn (
Wed, 1 Dec 1999 11:38:20 +1100

> An example: Drones help a beehive survive. Just because they don't
> produce
> does not mean that they are an evolutionary dead end. Their evolution was
> crucial in the survival of hive-based groups. By having non-reproducing
> workers do all the engineering and work, this frees up the breeders to do
> nothing but breed. Neither could survive without the other. People who
> think that the breeders are highly evolved while the drones are unevolved,
> deviant evolutionary mistakes, is not recognizing the full range of
> evolutionary processes. Evolution developed the entire hive structure to
> allow the propagation of each succeeding generation.
Just to jump in and be an unproductive nit-picker... As I understand it, drones are the fertile males who sit on their bums being looked after by the workers (infertile females). When the queen whistles, they come a runnin'!

(who has already passed on genes which are obviously vital to the ultimate success of our species)