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> This is a "blue-sky research laboratory" in Brussels, Belgium.
> They list Hugo de Garis and Stuart Hameroff amongst their
> research staff, along with dozens of other people working on
> "bits, atoms, neurons, and genes (BANG)". It's a very odd mix,
> and the website as a whole strikes me as somehow starry-eyed,
> at least for the homepage of a business enterprise getting
> millions of euros in funding. I doubt the organization's
> ability to be a competitive research center across such a
> broad range of disciplines. But who knows. Maybe the Singularity
> will happen in Belgium, not Texas.
Stuart Hameroff (U of Arizona) tends to be a lightning-rod for clever ideas. His work on micro-tubules, along with Roger Penrose is robust; though, I am in no position to verify or disclaim their veracity. I like his contributions to the Quantum Consciouness mailing list, as well as just about everyone else's who contributes there.