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Rob Harris <> wrote:

> That's the way people debate - I've tried it before....
> if people don't get their feathers ruffled a bit, they don't
> negatively evaluate the idea and post a response.

I resent people who deliberately ruffle other people's feathers to get a response. If intelligent comments aren't good enough on their own to merit response, I would suggest working on the content and not the presentation.

>When resources are scarce, the "fittest" survive at the expense of the less

>An evolutionary dead end - like homosexuality. New deviants will pop up
>every generation - but hardly ever are the deviations advantageous.

Deviations are the way that evolution tries new things. Those that are fit keep cropping up. Those that are unfit are weeded out. You are misunderstanding the theory of evolution if you think it is repeatedly producing the same unfit deviation with every generation.

>after all, cats leave
>"offerings" to their human "gods" too, but I suspect that it has bases in
>other things like fear of death, and self-glorification.

You are reading too much into the cats' motivation.

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