Re: bored SIs
Mon, 29 Nov 1999 10:58:01 EST

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<< Instead of running around pandering after motivators such as boredom -
they not just eliminate it's influence in some way ? >>

In moderation, the ability to be bored is often quite adaptive; it motivates you to seek novelty and change, which in turn can lead to new discoveries of importance to the maintenance of the organism/system. If the SI's reach a point where they seem able to model beforehand everything they are discovering through exploration, then it would be likely that they would calibrate themselves to have a very high tolerance for repitition (and thus not get bored easily), but to compensate they should have a very low threshold for curiosity...anything remotely unexpected should make them intensely curious. This way they won't be so mellow as to miss something important, but not so restless as to make life intolerable.

Glen Finney