Rob Harris (rob@hbinternet.co.uk)
Mon, 29 Nov 1999 11:03:47 -0000

>While you're at it, work out your definition of the sensation
>red (i.e. the COLOR red -- not the wavelength of the light
>associated with it--we already know that). We will need this
>definition to program our AI mechanism so it will know when
>it is experiencing "red". Otherwise it will fail to stop for the
>light! [No spectrometric devices permitted here -- we are
>concerned with the process of color-perception, not color
>discrimination or the frequency analysis of radiation.
>Spectrometers don't know about "red" because they don't
>know about anything)]

Why would the system need to "perceive" the color to stop at the light? A light sensor WOULD do fine.
Plus, you need consciousness before you can have true perception as we intend it to be meant. How are you going to code that?