Movie:Thirteenth Floor
Sun, 28 Nov 1999 21:26:57 EST

I just this minute finished watching "Thirteenth Floor". If anyone hasn't seen it yet I strongly advise that you do so.

It "out-matrixs" ...Matrix.

Kinda neat. I caught on probably just about where the producer would expect an extropian to catch on.....perhaps a little later (I'm kinda slow). I watched it with my girl friend here in Austin. She was TOTALLY lost....and was a little perturbed when I started predicting what was going to happen. I managed to get some of it right even....except I figured the B cop would shoot A->B with a sniper's rifle instead of a pistol....I mean gee...we saw C shoot B->C with a pistol...and then B shoot C->B with a pistol....don't you think it was about time for a rifle?

All seriousness aside....I thought it was a hoot. I'll probably not watch it again...but I'm glad I saw it once....

Heading outa Austin...