Re: Why Would Aliens Hide?
Sun, 28 Nov 1999 16:07:32 EST

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> This prediction doesn't seem to be confirmed by the data
> Amara pointed us to (Table 4, P. Frisch et al,
> "Dust in the Local Interstellar Wind" ApJ 1 Nov 1999.)
> If anything, Si seems to be the left out element, not C.
> (See section 6.4 of the paper.)

We basically are only now at the social/techno point of developing the means to detect Tecnological Cultures like dear, professor Kardashev , described clear back when Premeeir Krushchev was arming Doctor Castro. To be able to see deligtful, creative star formations (sauce for silicon & carbon alike); or dollops of dark matter, may take centuries. More likely, we will like get better cheaper faster technology to detect these buggers.