Re: Dr. Adkins' Diet--Testimonial

James Daugherty (
Sun, 28 Nov 1999 12:22:48 -0500

> However, I feel much more
> energetic now that the hi-sugar / low sugar cycle is eliminated-Adkins
> quotes studies that show all the body's tissues including the brain and
> major organs like the heart can utilize ketones as easily as
> glucose for energy, contrary to knee jerk opinion in the Establishment.
> fact, some studies showed that some tissues prefer ketones!

That's in the textbooks, actually. So Atkins is still posing as "persecuted"
when his ideas get wide acceptance *provided there is data*. Interesting. Sounds
like he's trying to sucker in conspiracy theorists.

James Responds: Your comment is unfair. The Adkins is being persecuted in the newspapers. Just prior to finding this quote in Adkins latest book, I
read a newspaper article claiming ketones could not sustain brain function and the body must make glucose by digesting its own muscle. Adkins was simply laughing off mindless repeated memes and quoted standard sources regarding ketones.