Re: AI and Asimov's Laws
Fri, 26 Nov 1999 13:55:11 EST

<< 2 points:

1.) Having certain restrictions might be a spur to the AI to find alternative harmelss solutions to a problem;>>

I would say that restrictions might prevent an AI from implementing obvious harmful solutions to a problem, though as well as channelling them to harmless solutions it may also send them toward less obvious harmful ones. Nothing is perfect (yet).

<< 2.) The freedom of the AI to develop must be balanced with the possible effects on humans. Speaking selfishly, I'd plump for the latter party.

Mike >>

I'd say that the freedom of any AI must be balanced against the possible effects on any sentient, human or AI, just as a human's freedom must be balanced against the same possibility of causing harm. I just hope that with designed intelligences we can do a better job of instilling a respect for others than we tend to do now.

Glen Finney