ACT: Cross-list activism
Thu, 25 Nov 1999 10:46:09 EST

There are a growing number of online fora in which issues relating to transhumanist technologies are being discussed by non-transhumanists. The "Insane Science" mailing list on Onelist ( is a good source of information and views posted by folks who, by and large, have a more fearful approach to the future. (Many of the news items I post here about opposition to genetic technology come from there.) Another, about which I learned there and which I've just joined, relates to "genetic modification". A post to the "Insane Science" list about the "GM" list is reproduced below.

I'd like to encourage diplomatic participation on these other lists by extropians and transhumanists, as this sort of activity is a good way to broaden knowledge about our views and develop a more positive attitude about the future.

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> Date: 99-11-23 14:21:23 EST
> From: (Chris Swift)
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> From: "Chris Swift" <>
> I am against all forms of Genetic Modification/ Engineering.
> Human or otherwise.
> I set up a list that was originally just anti, it's now broadened to be pro
> and anti I haven't had any pro-GM subscribers yet.
> The list now aims to be educational as well, this is not just a plug for my
> own list, I find this list very useful and forward articles from it, on the
> GM front.
> I am more than willing to debate with anyone who can find any pluses for
> Genetic Modification that are not outweighed by the minuses.
> I very much like the style of this list.
> Further to the owner's previous mail, I would very much like him to keep
> this list going, I admit for partly selfish motives, I like the mix of
> articles, but also I like the general comment.
> If you want the list to be more discussion led I am more than willing to
> participate.
> Chris Swift / Moderator