Re: A new extropian greeting from the distinguished J.R. Molloy...

Spike Jones (
Tue, 23 Nov 1999 21:18:23 -0800

> Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:
> Yes, this is the one. I didn't recognize the poem when I heard it,
> but I remember that the line "...wild things who do not tax their
> lives with forethought of grief..." stuck in my mind very clearly....

Ja mine too.

> This series of episodes was particularly extropian, I thought.
> It showed clearly and poignantly that aging and senility are
> terrible tragedies to be fought and a waste of human potential.

That part nearly brought tears to my eyes for my own beloved grandfather died with Alzheimers. When he passed on he knew not where he was, yet he managed to climb over a fence at the convalescent home, escaped and was caught in the rain, after which he got pneumonia, which did him in. spike