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Terry Donaghe (tdonaghe@yahoo.com)
Tue, 23 Nov 1999 09:21:06 -0800 (PST)

>From Yahoo News Arizona Tidbits...

Happy Birthday to Mrs. Romero - (YUMA) -- A woman born in Yuma is being recognized as one of the oldest people in the country. Carmelita De Mara was born on July 16th, 1882. That makes her 117 years old. Just to put her age in perspective, she was already 30-years old when the Titanic sank. She was honored in Merced County, California by the Area Agency on Aging.

Another (semi)interesting tidbit. The mother-in-law of my mother-in-law is 95 years old and just recently had her driver's license renewed (she drives herself everywhere). She shows very little signs of senility and until a couple of years ago she ran her own company.

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