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Mon, 22 Nov 1999 12:28:48 -0800

The article from Fast Company explores the merits of altruism - Look to computer operating systems for
perhaps the best example: At present the only real competitor to Windows is Linux - a free system which has Microsoft very worried (according at least to industry observers). Apparently the developers who contribute to Linux do so for free, and only "cash in" on their work by gaining the reputation of having been a Linux developer.

For any interested in the Fast Company article, Only the Pronoid Survive, here's a clip:

"Cronin's version of Darwinism shows that altruism and generosity create more rewards than their opposites do. She introduced the CEOs to the flip side of paranoia: "pronoia" -- the idea that everyone is not out to get you, but that they are out to love you, or at least to appreciate you, if you reciprocate. According to the new Darwinism, only the pronoid survive -- in fact, only the pronoid endure and flourish."

If you want to read the article, it's at:

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